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Use next-generation APT sandbox technology to catch not only persistent threats and zero-day exploits, but also advanced malware designed to evade detection by traditional, first-generation sandbox technologies. Flexible architecture allows for easy scalability as your architectural, operational and business needs change. Lastline offers the ability to deploy on commodity hardware or in virtual environments on a per-user basis, so go ahead, deploy as much as you'd like. Expensive proprietary hardware is a thing of the past.

Next Generation Firewall (Unified Threat Management)

Affordable, easy-to-manage network security is our game. From the enterprise to the small branch office, we've got solutions that deliver security, performance, and rock-solid reliability.

Learn why Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are essential for today's big business networks. Browse the features and benefits of our exceptionally strong Extensible Threat Management (XTM) products, and discover how WatchGuard SSL makes secure remote access easy. For best-in-class email and web security with data loss prevention, check out our Extensible Content Security (XCS) appliances. WatchGuard delivers powerful security and performance without the powerful price tag.

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Presenter Robert Deitz II, President Government Technology Solutions. Discuss's Defense in Depth & The Public Sector.

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GvTech's Layered Security Approach to Network Security

With the number of security threats on the rise, network security has become an essential part of maintaining the privacy and integrity of an enterprise. Gv Tech Solutions, has the technology to help you defend your network against attacks by implementing preventative security solutions or Defense in Depth.

Our layered approach to network security was designed with the knowledge that no single tool can protect every segment of a network from harm. In reality, the surge of blended threats has resulted in the need for integration between individual security products, in order to reduce possible gaps in protection. By deploying security technology at every layer of your network, you can rest assured that youre guarded against internal and external threats alike.